MSSQL module not available on metricbeat oss

Hi All,
I have downloaded the source code of metricbeat 7.6 and created a new metricbeat module.
But I am not able to see the MSSQL module.
The actual package downloaded from the elasticsearch community consists of the MSSQL module, but the source code doesn't have the module. Can someone explain why? And how to add the MSSQL module in the metricbeat-oss package?

It looks like the MSSQL module requires the default distribution and is not available in the OSS distribution.

Is there any alternate approach to enable the MSSQL module? or any alternate source code in which MSSQL module is already available?
Note:- I have downloaded the source code from the below github link where MSSQL module is not available.

The easiest way is to switch to the default distribution, in which it is included and available with the free basic license as far as I know.

Wow what happened? So some modules are outside OSS

That is really a pity. I think this is hurting the open source community.
Why not keep it really open under the Apache 2.0 .
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Can you please explain on what exactly is default distribution? And how to switch to it? (sorry if i am novice user) The reason I am using the oss version here is, I have downloaded the source code from github and created a new module in metricbeat. On building the package of the metricbeat it is providing the package in metribeat-oss format only.

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