Multi-field query with query string and a right to left language

I'm trying to execute a simple query string which has a date query and a term in Hebrew. Unfortunately, Elastic fails to parse it and gets the Hebrew term and the date field name confused. Here's the query: (פסנתר) AND startTime:>=2019-12-01 and the resulting stack trace:

    org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchParseException: failed to parse date field [ÎñÎíÎáάο] with format [strict_date_optional_time||epoch_millis]
            at org.elasticsearch.common.joda.DateMathParser.parseDateTime( ~[elasticsearch-5.6.0.jar:5.6.0]
            at org.elasticsearch.common.joda.DateMathParser.parse( ~[elasticsearch-5.6.0.jar:5.6.0]
            at org.elasticsearch.index.mapper.DateFieldMapper$DateFieldType.parseToMilliseconds( ~[elasticsearch-5.6.0.jar:5.6.0]
            at org.elasticsearch.index.mapper.DateFieldMapper$DateFieldType.innerRangeQuery( ~[elasticsearch-5.6.0.jar:5.6.0]
            at org.elasticsearch.index.mapper.DateFieldMapper$DateFieldType.termQuery( ~[elasticsearch-5.6.0.jar:5.6.0]

How can I fix this? I'd rather stay with the query string option, rather than switching to a multi-clause query, as it makes things simpler for me.

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