Multi field time-picker?


One of use cases I have here deals with a sessions log where I have start_time and end_time of a session.

It's easy to get sessions vis for all start_time ones.

How can I also have a query with Kibana which would include sessions with end_time for the window requested with time picker?

Is there a way to parse or inject the scope of time picker to build a query against two date-fields?


What are you looking to gain insights into? If you are looking to visual the duration of the sessions over time, you could use a scripted field to calculate the difference between the end_time and start_time.

Hi @tsmalley

Sorry for a silence from my side.

Let me picture it out.

Arrows represent user sessions over time, and these sessions bear some statistic data, let's say Value_X

Sessions have start_time and end_time.

Red vertical lines represent the analysis time window required.

A - session started before the window and finished within window
B - session started and ended within the window
C - session started within the window and ended outside the window
D - session started before the window and finished after the window

Use case it to capture this with Kibana and do some ops on Value X - ie. sum value_x