Multi field with multiple values

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I currently have fields like:

'stuff': {
    'type': 'text',
    'analyzer': 'snowball',
    'fields': {
        'raw': {'type': 'keyword'},


  • stuff: for full text search
  • stuff.raw for filtering, aggregation and sorting

However I would like to put another field here too which is - stuff.display. The goal is to put the display value of stuff in this field. Yes I can make a new field but I could have moved stuff.raw into stuff_raw in the first place too.

Why display field?
Stuff and stuff.raw are taking the sanitized data. Stuff.display should have the original uncleaned data.

Example of data:

  • Stuff = "American \\(New\\)"
  • Stuff.display = "American (New)"

Is there any way I can do this?
Elasticsearch version: 5.1 but plan to move to 5.5

Thank you!

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