Multi fileds sort order

Because the timestamp is not precise enough, I want to set "offset" as secondary sort order field to sort the items which have same timestamp. I know Elasticsearch support this function by add this in query command:
"sort": [
{ "@timestamp" : {"order": "desc" }},
{ "offset" : "desc" }
But I can‘t find any config options in Kibana to achieve such function. How can I do to set multi field sort order in Kibana?

Unfortunately Kibana does not currently support this. See this discussion and the linked Kibana issue: Sort by multiple fields Kibana

Thanks, I really need this function in Kibana, can you tell me which file or folder in Kibana project I can find the code that control sort order feature? I want to try to add this function myself, because this funtion is really very important for me and my project. Thank you very much.

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