Multi-level nested sort in elasticsearch v5.5

I am using elasticsearch v5.5, and trying to build a sort query, sorted by 3 level nested field.
In, there is an example on sorting by 2 level nested field.

POST /_search
   "query" : {
      "term" : { "product" : "chocolate" }
   "sort" : [
          "offer.price" : {
             "mode" :  "avg",
             "order" : "asc",
             "nested_path" : "offer",

And to convert to Java, it is like
FieldSortBuilder sortBuilder = new FieldSortBuilder("offer.price").order(SortOrder.ASC)

What if I want to sort by 3 level nested field (say: parent.child.age) in elasticsearch v5.5? And what is the corresponding Java builder format?


P.S. I saw multi-level nested sorting example (sort by parent.child.age, which is a 3 level sort) on elasticsearch v6.1 and onward. Can you also provide an example on v5.5

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