Multi_match and cutoff_frequency

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Hello there,

I am a total ES-noob, so please forgive me if my question is weird or
something :wink:

Currently I have a task to implement the cutoff_frequency for our
The current query looks like this:


This works perfectly fine, like before, BUT it seems that the
cutoff_frequency there doesn't matter.
Is it the wrong place to put there?
Or doesn't it work with multi_match?

I have to admit that I haven't fully understand the things that
cutoff_frequency does.
But I have lots of entries in the index for this query which has "The" in
the title.
Wouldn't cutoff_frequency:0.001 mean that the word "the" is ignored if it
is in 1/1000 of all the words in the titles?
(and yes, in case I did understand it the other way around, I also tried
1.0, which would mean 1000/1000 = every word, yes? didn't make a diference
for my query)

Sorry for my bad english, I am german.
I hope I don't confuse anyone too much...

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