Multi match query and nested object


Do you know how use multi match query with nested object in cross_fields type,
by example i wouldlike to get one document with "shakespeare romeo" with this document:

   "title": "romero & juliette",
   "authors": [{ "name":"shakespeare"},{"name":"Montesquieu"}]

and use this query:

     "query":"shakespeare juliette",


I try to use shoud with on query with nested and an other with no nested query, but with the cross_fields and "and" operator the result is not correct.


What do you mean by "not correct"?

With "and" operator and cross_field, it's search with shakespeare and juliette in "title" and shakespeare and juliette in "". The two words is not in the two subquery of should. And if I change operator "and" to "or", if i search skakespeare and brian , it return my document but shakespeare is correct and brian not.

It seems to work for me on elasticsearch 2.4.0:


PUT t/t/1
   "title": "romeo & juliette",
   "author": [{ "name":"shakespeare"},{"name":"Montesquieu"}]

GET t/_search
  "query": {
    "multi_match": {
      "operator": "and",
      "type": "cross_fields", 
      "query": "shakespeare juliette",
      "fields": [

Could it be due to the fact that your query has a typo and uses instead of

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I try on other index it's works, but with my index it's doesn't...
My index was created with these settings:

    "settings" : {
        "index" : {
            "number_of_shards" : 5,
            "number_of_replicas" : 1,
			"analysis" : {
				"tokenizer" : {
					"ngram_tokenizer" : {
						"type": "nGram",
						"min_gram": 4,
						"max_gram": 6,
						"token_chars": ["letter", "digit"]
				"analyzer" : {
					"french" : {
						"filter" : [
						"tokenizer" : "ngram_tokenizer", 
						"type" : "custom"
				"filter" : {
					"french_elision" : {
						"type" :         "elision",
						"articles_case" : true,
						"articles" : [
					"french_stop": {
					  "type" : "stop",
					  "stopwords" : "_french_" 
					"french_stemmer": {
					  "type" : "stemmer",
					  "language" : "light_french"

Thanks for your help,

It's would seem it's the analyzer:french on attibute which is the problem.

Hi jprountz,

It's not work if the type for author is specified by "nested" type.
How adapt the query for works with nested and not nested fields in cross_field mode?

Thanks for your help,

Hello, you cannot use cross field between différent documents (what nested does).

Si instead, you could do a bool query with 2 matchs