Multi_match query issue

Hi Team,
I'm using ES 1.7
I have an index containing a field named proceedingslanguage which contains a language EN, FR or DE.

The following script using Curl is giving me an empty result :

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/_search?pretty' -d'{
  "from" : 0,
  "size" : 6,
  "query" : {
    "filtered" : {
      "query" : {
        "bool" : {
          "must" : [ {
            "bool" : {
              "must" : {
                "multi_match" : {
                  "query" : "EN",
                  "fields" : [ "proceedingslanguage_*", "proceedingslanguage_en^5.0" ],
                  "type" : "best_fields"
          } ]
      "filter" : {
        "type" : {
          "value" : "decision"

Note: the same query is sending by Elasticsearch java client from an app to retrieve data by language.

The result is described below:

      "took" : 10,
      "timed_out" : false,
      "_shards" : {
        "total" : 27,
        "successful" : 27,
        "failed" : 0
      "hits" : {
        "total" : 0,
        "max_score" : null,
        "hits" : [ ]

Can you please give me a hand of help?

Thanks and best regards,
Mohammed ESSABRI

I'm using ES 7.1

The latest version of ES available is 6.3. Are you using a master branch?

It is not very clear: do you have a single field named proceedingslanguage that has values of EN, FR, DE? Or do you have different fields named: proceedingslanguageEN, proceedingslanguageFR etc?
Also what are you trying to search for?

Hi @mayya,

Thank you for you response!

Sorry, it is a mistake, i wanted to write 1.7.

For your question, it is a single field named proceedingslanguage that has values of EN, FR, DE. and the application was developed by another developer, and i don't understand why the app requires "proceedingslanguage_*" where we have only proceedingslanguage in mapping.

Note that the application was already working with this configuration more than 1 year and it's working currently in some environments.

Best regards,
Mohammed ESSABRI

Looking at the query you posted above, it looks like there several fields for proceedingslanguage, and we are looking for EN term in all these fields.

If you have just a single field proceedingslanguage, you don't need multi_match query, you can just use term query:

"query": {
    "term" : { "proceedingslanguage" : "EN" } 

Dear @mayya,
Thank you for your help!

I share the same idea with you, but the query is already working in another Environment.

Please note that the application is deployed in 5 environments, but this query is working only in 2 environments including prod environment.
And the client don't accept a change on the code as it's already working in PROD environment.

Best regards,
Mohammed ESSABRI

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