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Is there any way to bring common result from two different indices with search on different fields distributed on these two indices and the fields are different and not linked to each other.

I mean any existing method or function inside elastic search Java libraries


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Thank you for replying.
Will check on this.
Just a query that will this work on different fields on multiple indices and not just common field across indices. I mean it has nay restriction or is just generic and can work across multiple fields distributed over multiple indexes.


Seems like it is available only in new version like 7.x etc. Older versions like 5.x and older not contain it. Was there any other option in older versions or it is added as new feature in newer versions of elastic search.

I'm pretty sure this feature has been around for a while. Probably even before 1.x.

But anyway you should not use such an old version.
Upgrade! 6.8.13 is the latest version available for 6.x series. And 7.10.1 was just released.

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The above link which contains Java classes and methods for multi search request, seems like not available in older version. Not sure if there are some other named classes which could be used.

Look at:

But this is using a deprecated client, the TransportClient.

Are you starting a new project?

Not using a new project.
Using RestHighLevelClient.

This API was not supported at this time:

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