Multiline logs with space between rows

Hi, I am using filebeat version- 6.2.1. it is sending logs to the logstash to parse it. Now the issue is my log is basically an output of a script so it is not sort of structured. It is something like below. 2 lines have same pattern then space and again next two line have the same pattern and so on. I don't want this output as a single event. In kibana output I want that all 1st Instance data in 1 raw and all 2nd Instance data in other raw. Is it possible to do so as data is distributed among multiple lines.

1 30.8835399 29.2371633
2 12.6585989 11.3700574

1 TEMP 1048574 51192 997382 4.88205887
2 TEMP 1048574 51192 997382 4.88205887

If you want to consume everything separated by a blank line then you can have filebeat use a multiline pattern with '^$'

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