MultiNode Cluster Replication Shards

I case i have 8 ES nodes on 4 physical Hosts with a setting of 8 primary shards and 1 replica shard.
So it runs 2 ES Nodes on 1 physical Host.

How i can prevent that that the replica shard is stored on one of the two instances on 1 physical host?

I want high availibity in case that 1 physical host is offline.

You should move this post to the elasticsearch forum. It is unrelated to logstash.

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Yes, use

this is also working if the 2 ES Nodes deployed on virtual machines?

Physical virtualization host 1: VM1/ES1 + VM2/ES2
Physical virtualization host 2: VM3/ES3 + VM4/ES4
Physical virtualization host 3: VM5/ES5 + VM6/ES6
Physical virtualization host 4: VM7/ES7 + VM8/ES8

In that case use shard allocation awareness.

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