Multiple beats to one logstash

Hi guys,
i have one filebeat instance shipping logs to logstash and i after added another filebeat instance in another machine, they won't show up in kibana, the log file shows that the connection is established and it shows logs shipped but nothing appears, is there any other parameters i have to add in logstash or in the second filebeat !!!

No, it should just work. Can you share logs and configs (please format them using the </> button)?

it shows the failed to conncet message !!

>  Failed to connect to backoff(async(tcp:// dial tcp connect: connection refused

Note that i have configured filebeat.yml in the same way as the one working, and the proxy is configured in our private network

You normally get connection refused if the port is not available on the target machine. Check if Logstash is running, bound to the correct device/ip (or not bound to any) and your is proxy correctly forwarding the port.

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