Multiple configurations to be enabled for filebeat

Hi, I have a multiple types of log files which requires different configurations such as includes for one type of file and exclude for other file type.

I generally used to do my configuration in filebeat.yml, which requires filebeat to be restarted always, whenever I make changes in configuration.

Hence, is there an alternative method which I can use?

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If you want multiple configurations to be enabled in Filebeat, one thing you can do is as below which I generally follow

Create a folder config in Filebeat path. Inside the path, provide your separate input.yml files so that it can automatically pick each of your configurations.

      enabled: true
      path: C:\Program Files\Filebeat\config\*.yml
      reload.enabled: true
      reload.period: 10s

This reload setting loads all the changes done in the configuration files automatically.

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Thanks for the solution. I have tried it and works absolutely right for me.

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