Multiple content types in one field?


We are in the middle of doing a POC with ES for our logging. We are talking to ES directly from our application and when a webrequest comes in it stores it in ES. It logs a "body" field to save posted body data in ES. But if you perform a get, that field contains a boolean "false", because there is no body. If we then have a post request which has actual body data ES gives an error because it expects a boolean in that field. Is there any way around this?


That's because you sent it that way I believe.
What happened (that's a guess as I don't have much details here, like a way to reproduce the problem) is that the first document cames with a boolean value and that you did not define any mapping or template.
Elasticsearch then decided that the mapping for this field is a boolean.
The next document which is coming with a value (a text) can not be indexed as a boolean and it fails.

I'd recommend fixing the mapping before sending the very first document. So you won't use dynamic mapping anymore.

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