Multiple data nodes to one data node (production to dev setup)

I have setup 3 data nodes and 3 master nodes, imported all the data that I need. I want to back up all that data and copy it to dev environment. What would be the best way to get this done?

root@acgrcmaster-0:/var/lib# curl localhost:9200/_cat/shards?pretty
.kibana 0 p STARTED 9 57.5kb acgrcdata-2
.kibana 0 r STARTED 9 57.5kb acgrcdata-1
media 4 r STARTED 124357 465.6mb acgrcdata-0
media 4 p STARTED 124357 456.5mb acgrcdata-2
media 2 r STARTED 124909 449.7mb acgrcdata-2
media 2 p STARTED 124909 456.4mb acgrcdata-1
media 3 p STARTED 123415 458.1mb acgrcdata-0
media 3 r STARTED 123415 447.8mb acgrcdata-1
media 1 r STARTED 124892 456.9mb acgrcdata-0
media 1 p STARTED 124892 452.7mb acgrcdata-2
media 0 p STARTED 124756 459.7mb acgrcdata-0
media 0 r STARTED 124756 454.1mb acgrcdata-1

I would like to get data from acgrcdata (0-2) and put it on a different machine but have no idea how to proceed with it

I'd probably use snapshot/restore feature to backup on a shared FS then restore that in the dev env.

@dadoonet How would I combine data from 3 data nodes? I guess a snapshot to shared fs will combine it?

Yes it will.

Thanks it worked

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