Multiple Date format in mapping fails

Hi all,

There is provision for multiple date format in elasticsearch.

But whenever I try my multiple date format in console, it fails to parse and no data is displayed.

PUT brs_total
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
        "type":   "date",
        "format": "epoch_millis||epoch_second"
        "Account_Number_Type" : {
          "type" : "keyword"
        "DC_AMOUNT" : {
          "type" : "double"

I want to reindex many indices with different date format into this index.
But the data is not visible in discover.I can see correct document count in Index mgmt tab
Any idea why this is happening?

I just tried the example you posted, thanks for providing it, and it worked. If you have something that doesn't work then it'd be useful to see.

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