Multiple 'failed to format' messages in log stream

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I'm seeing the message 'failed to format message from /var/log/audit/audit.log' repeatedly in the Infrastructure app log stream. Disabling the auditd module stops the messages, as you'd expect. Any insight would be sincerely appreciated.

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Hi @kenbergquist,

thanks for trying out the Logs UI. This is a shortcoming of the current message formatting heuristic, which fail to derive a suitable "message" from the auditd event. Would it be possible for you to find out which events are displayed that way?

(Ken Bergquist) #3

Hello @weltenwort. Thanks for the quick reply. To the best of my ability to tell, all events in audit.log are failing. I am also seeing it now on the mysql module, for mysql-error.log. This is on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS if it helps.

(Felix Stürmer) #4

Thanks for providing these details. I have created an issue in the Kibana repo to track this problem. Feel free to add more details there if you come across them.

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