Multiple Index Data directories


We recently suffered a power outage and the 2 nodes become split brained. I managed to bring it back to green, but suffered a bit of data loss. When I was review the index data directories, I noticed that one of the nodes had more than one shard index.
├── 0
│ ├── indices
│ ├── node.lock
│ └── _state
└── 1
├── indices
├── node.lock
└── _state

While the other node only had one
└── 0
├── indices
├── node.lock
└── _state

Looking for guidance as to why this duplicated and how can I clean this up properly? Thanks.

(Mark Walkom) #2

That would be because more than one instance of ES started on the same host.
You can start a second instance so that it recovers that shard data, then reallocate it off, then shutdown the second process.


So after checking into this. the correct folder on the node with two indices is folder "1". how do I go abouts cleaning this up? or does it matter if I remove the "0" folder?

(Mark Walkom) #4

I wouldn't just delete things unless you want data loss.

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