Multiple index search and PIT index ID reuse

I’m planning to search multiple different sets of multiple indices at once. I’d also like to use search_after with point-in-time indices for deep pagination. I’ve got some general questions about how/if PIT works in this scenario.

  1. Calling the _pit endpoint with multiple indices works fine, but I’m not sure exactly how it works - is the PIT index coupled to the comma-separated set of indices I pass in my call to _pit (e.g. /index-1,index-2/_pit?keep_alive=15m will open a PIT id usable with any search where I want results from index-1,index-2 )? Also, will the implicit _shard_doc tiebreaking work when creating a multi-index PIT index?

  2. The guidance on the elastic blog here re: having a background process create a PIT for use with all search requests (rather than creating one on each search request) seems to contradict the PIT docs which state the following — I must be misunderstanding one of these statements?

The open point in time request and each subsequent search request can return different id; thus always use the most recently received id for the next search request.

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