Multiple indices per document

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I want to use ES to index logs coming from different processes. Assume I
have 2 sources: ProcessA and ProcessB Logs from the processes are formatted
in json. Example log:

{"level":"DEBUG","logger":"REPOSITORY","timestamp":1405982400689,"attrs":{"profile":"ManagementServerA","organization":"FOOBAR"},"thread":"main","message":" : Stored successfully in /central/zone/cef9cccab964"}

How can I get ES to update multiple indexes when it sees a new document ?
In this case I want indices on the profile and organization values. Do I
have to

  1. Create indexes using the ES REST api before ES sees any logs.
  2. Supply an _index field to each json document
  3. Have multiple values in the _index field to indicate what indexes
    must be updated ? i.e should I have: "_index": {"ManagementServerA" ,

Please let me know if this is the correct way to do this.

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