Multiple instance of kibana sometime error status 404

Hi all,
I've tried to use multiple instance of kibana to HA. but then sometime i encounter error like this

after refresh the page for a few times i was able to load the page but the problems persists very often for me and it is very inconvenience

My setup is a nginx proxy infront of the 2 kibana instance. I have follow the guide on multiple kibana instance on elastic page to config both kibana.

Has any one have this problems before and how do you fix this.
Thanks for your time.

Hi @lusynda !

  • What routes/paths do these errors typically occur on?
  • From your screenshot, I can see the call to get translations is failing, is it consistently this error message? Can you share the HAR or details of the network request being sent?
  • Is there anything interesting in the logs on either your proxy or in one of the Kibana you are reaching?

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