Multiple Languages against single attribute

Is there a possibility to index the content supporting different languages against same attribute (or) should I create individual attributes with different language analyzer? What is the best practice!

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THanks Mark.

We are using fields for attribute where we also have non_analyzed representation.

But if I go with the approach for analyzed content won't I add more indexing pressure/document given the case is each document represent only only language. Unnecessarily I will be indexing the same content against multiple fields with different analyzers. I was thinking of having different attributes for each language where the attribute not representing the document language can be ignored.

NOTE: I have many not_analyzed attributes other than the main content attribute
I also would avoid creating multiple indice for each language as English represent 80% of the content

Ok, so you can use different types then (assuming you have the same field types in all languages), the just apply different templates to those?

Thanks Mark. That is a option. But the below references advises to avoid types.

In this case, the choice of having multiple field representing each language could do better.

Is my understanding correct!