Multiple log lines in one

Dear all,

First, i am completely new in ELK Stack, and i need your help, some hints...
In my pipeline conf file, i have configured grok filter to use "COMBINEDAPACHELOG" pattern, and in Kibana i can see "message" structured in many fields, this is fine.

Next task for me is to parse odoo logs.
At the begging, odoo sending me many log lines, but not all lines start with time and date:

{"log":"2019-06-17 10:37:32,189 1 Message_1"}

So i want to get this in Kibana as one log. How can i do that? Any idea?
How can i recognize logs from different sources (apache, odoo, and etc.) and apply different filter?
I need to use some "if" statements?

Thank you all, and apologize for noob questions. :slight_smile:

Check out the multiline filter in logstash.

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