Multiple logstash-forwarder on same server


On my server, I have log file in json format and in plain text format.
I want to separate them on two logstash input (one for with a json codec and one with plain codec).
My logstash use two lumberjack input that listen on port 5000 and 5001.

Can I have two logstash-forwarder on my server ?
One that send logs on port 5000 and one that send logs on port 5001.

If yes, how can I do this ?

I found a solution to have multiple instance of logstash-forwarder here :

I would switch to using Filebeat. Logstash-forwarder is deprecated.

I plan to switch to Filebeat when version 5 will be released.
I need the json support that is not present in the current release of Filebeat.