Single logstash forwarder sending log to multiple servers

Hi Magnus,
I have a logstash forwarder which sends multiple log files to multiple servers.

There are two log files- application1.log and application2.log

application1.log needs to sent to logstash1 in server1.
application2.log needs to be sent to logstash2 in server2.
How can i achieve this in one logstash-forwarder.config.
There will be two different certificates for server1 and server2.
How it can be managed through the logstash-forwarder.config.
Could you please provide an example configuration.


LSF has been deprecated.

Please use Filebeat instead -

I have already a set up running in production and hence can't do it.
Can any arrangement be done for the same.


You cannot do this unless you run multiple instances of LSF.