Multiple mappings handling in ES 6.5 (upgrading from 5.5 to 6.5)

We are using ElasticSearch 5.5 and in the template we mentioned default mapping type as ‘default’ under one index say ‘abc’. But when we store data we are using a different type ‘app_obj’ under same index ‘abc’. So total two types, mainly using ‘app_obj’. Now in ES 6.5 multiple mapping types are not supported so it will not work if we upgrade to 6.5?
2nd question, then what we will do, shall we use single mapping type ‘app_obj’ and will replace the type ‘default’ in the template under ‘abc’ index?

If you do a small installation of ELK 6.5.x, then load a few beats, then use the dev tools / console you can get a good idea what to do this way, there is a number of templates there by default anyway
enter the

GET _template/*

And press the green > button to view

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