Multiple network interfaces settings and X-PACK


I have a server with 2 network interfaces, one on a private network and the other on internet.

On my private network, I have an elasticsearch cluster with X-PACK (ip-filtering). This cluster is not open on internet. I want that logstash communicates with the cluster.

How can I specify logstash to use a specific network interface?

I believe you can bind Logstash by specifying the ip address of the interface you want to use in your logstash.conf file. Mileage may vary

input {
{ host => "" port => 5140 type => "json-tcp" debug => true }

Hello I was not clear enought, I think:

My logstash reads on files (input) and writes into the elasticsearch cluster (output)
The host where logstash runs has 2 network interfaces: a public interface eth0 IP:a.a.a.a and a private interface eth0:0 IP:b.b.b.b

In the security settings of elasticsearch.yml I put an IP filtering mentionning b.b.b.b

Now, How can I specify to logstash that it has to connect elasticsearch as the IP b.b.b.b and not a.a.a.a?

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