Multiple nodes on EC2

(Refael Dakar) #1

Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to install multiple ES nodes on multiple EC2 instances?

I tried many tutorial and nothing works... each instance just assigned itself as master.
(NOTE: my instances are in 2 zones: us-east-1a and us-east-1b)

Here is my ES configuration for AWS: testcluster *** *** us-east
discovery.type: ec2
discovery.ec2.tag.Name: "AWS Test Cluster"
http.cors.enabled: true
http.cors.allow-origin: "*"
discovery.ec2.tag.Environment: Staging
discovery.ec2.ping_timeout: 5s

(Refael Dakar) #2

It appears to just start working after some time ... not sure why/how.
You can close this topic.

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