Multiple Output Reliability

How can I check if the data were successfully transferred to elasticsearch?

For example I got this output.

output {
 elasticsearch1 {
  hosts => [""]
  index => "logstash1-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
 elasticsearch2 {
  hosts => [""]
  index => "logstash2-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
  1. If the server for elasticsearch 2 is down, does the data will still be transfered to elasticsearch1?

  2. If the server for elasticsearch 2 is already up, will the logstash can get the previous data that was already stored in elasticsearch 1 during downtime if possible?

Thank you.

If any of the outputs is not available, Logstash will stop processing and retry sending the current data until it becomes available.

Oh nice! :slight_smile:
So it will be synchronize on sending the data, right?
There's no chance that the other output is ahead in storing data.

Thank you for your reply @Christian_Dahlqvist

Another thing @Christian_Dahlqvist, Can I run multiple logstash so that if the 1 output is not available, output number 2 can still retrieve the data.

hmmm. up

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