Multiple patterns in multiline codec

Hello All,

I'm sending Syslog messages to our elasticsearch cluster via logstash and have currently configured one multiline codec in my logstash.conf input section to handle a default behaviour of syslog for many equal messages ("last message repeated n times"):

file {
path => "/var/adm/messages"
sincedb_path => "/export/logstash/sincedb"
start_position => "beginning"
tags => ["syslog", "solaris"]
codec => multiline {
charset => "ISO-8859-1"
pattern => "^%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601} {SYSLOGHOST} last message repeated "
what => "previous"
negate => false

Now I found in my syslogs another multiline case:

Jan 25 10:19:10 xxx nfs: [ID 941083] NOTICE: NFS4 FACT SHEET:
Jan 25 10:19:10 xxx Action: NR_STALE
Jan 25 10:19:10 xxx NFS4 error: NFS4ERR_STALE

My question is not about the pattern itself to handle this multiline, but how to integrate a "second" pattern for this into the above file section of logstash.conf?

Thanks in advance for a tiny hint!

Best Regards

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