Multiple Plotted Lines on a Line Chart - Canvas


I am looking to create a line chart in a Canvas workbook with two different lines present on the graph.

| esdocs index="e4000*" fields="humidity, temperature, @timestamp" sort="@timestamp, DESC"
| pointseries x="@timestamp" y="humidity"
| plot defaultStyle={seriesStyle lines=3 color="#4fbf48"}
| render

I would like to be able to display both temperature and humidity on the same line chart, as well as possibly a threshold line that will be added later.


Is there any way I can do this?

To the analogy of this example and this answer it would be necessary to bring the values into the same field (now they're separate: humidity and temperature) and use the color to point to a field which specifies which metric it is (ie. the input needs to be in the long format) .

As for the future, we're working on integrating all the chart types inside Canvas, so plots like that will become easier to set up. One concern here, irrespective of the means, is that temperature and humidity are not using the same measures, so it's not the best to put them on a chart together. The usual recommendation from a data visualization point of view is to have two charts side by side, one for each metric.

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