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I am trying to use timelion on a canvas line chart, but when I use multiple lines like:

.es(index=ict*,timefield=time_start_ts, metric='count'), .es(index=ict*,timefield=time_start_ts, metric='count', offset=-1d)

I get some sort of straight line joining last point of one series with the first of the other series.

Could you help me?

Thank you


Hi @Hugo_Pires, sorry for the late reply, have you solved your issue?
If not could you please report the Kibana version you are using and if possible a screenshot?

Thank you @markov00.
I didn't solve the issue. Kibana version is 7.8

Here is a screenshot

Thanks for the screenshot, I've tested it locally, and seems that this behaviour is caused because you didn't assigned a Color measure to the line chart element:
Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 15.52.54

this is because, using timelion in the way you are doing, just merge both dataset without distinguish the two series.
You have to add a label for each series like:

.es(index=ict*,timefield=time_start_ts, metric='count').label('current'), 
.es(index=ict*,timefield=time_start_ts, metric='count', offset=-1d).label('offset')

and add the Color measure based on the label field. This will create two line series that will show correctly the data you requested

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Thank you

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