Multiple projects in same Kibana

This is my first post here, so hello everybody and thanks in advance for any help given.
I've been working with elastic for a while now, until now I implemented it in the project's k8s cluster.
Now, for multiple development environments, I'd like to have an unique virtual machine with es, kibana, apm, all the stuff, and use one space for each environment. Is this possible? Any experience on this? Thank you.

Hey @xacobecm,
Welcome to the community.

I'm not entirely sure I follow your question.
It sounds like you're asking whether you can use one deployment for multiple different projects using Kibana's Spaces feature to keep these projects separate?

If so, I'd say broadly this can probably be achieved, the question is what kind of separation you need between the projects. While spaces would allow you to provide different Kibana environments to different users (assuming each user has their own Space), you need to keep in mind the services (Kibana, ES, etc.) will all be shared by the different environments so there would still be coupling between them (same .kibana index for example and shared resources such as Task Manager etc.) so they could impact each other in certain ways.

Could you expand on what it is you're trying to achieve? What are the constraints you'd expect?

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