Multiple values in a string value in logstash?

I am trying to set up this plugin by itself it works great and imports everything in the bucket. However, there are tons of subdirectories that i would like to prevent logstash from reading. I found this field "exclude_pattern" and it works great for just one value. How can I add more values to it without throwing an error?

Currently, I have tried the following and it has thrown an error at me, saying it was expecting "exclude_pattern" => "someValue".
Attempt 1:

"exclude_pattern" => "/05/"
"exclude_pattern" => "/10/"

Attempt 2:

"exclude_pattern" => [ "/05/", "/10/" ]

I have even tried using grok to filter for the names of the subdirectories i need and seems to fail with this plugin. Kind of stumped on this, any advice?

The exclude_pattern option takes a single string, but you can use alternation in that string

exclude_pattern => "/(05|10)/"

You are a legend that worked like a charm! Been banging my head trying to figure this out for a while.

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