Multiple VPC Private Link Endpoints in one ES Deployment

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We currently have a vpc per environment in our AWS e.g. beta, pre, staging, and production. I've followed the instructions here to setup the AWS Private Link/Traffic Filtering for our vpc: AWS Privatelink traffic filters | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic. I can connect with one vpc, however I want to also allow other VPC's (other environments). It seems that this configuration is only one-to-one e.g. one deployment per vpc. I want to associate multiple VPC private endpoints with just our single deployment cluster on ES. Is there any way I can do this? Thanks

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Yes, you can create and associate more than one VPC endpoint to connect to a deployment. We allow one to many configurations both through the UI and the APIs.

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I am at this stage in the Route 53 where you configure the private hosted zone for the endpoint. Specifically when it says this:

Then create a DNS CNAME alias pointing to the PrivateLink Endpoint. Add the record to a private DNS zone in your VPC. Use * as the record name, and the VPC endpoint DNS name as a value.

I added one VPC endpoint DNS name as a value, but when I add other VPC endpoint DNS name on that CNAME record I get an error.

With the image above, there's only one vpc endpoint, but then if I add other vpc endpoints (just a newline after the first endpoint), it doesn't allow me to. How do I go about adding other vpc endpoints DNS names in my private hosted zone in route 53?

@Daniel.X , are you trying to create multiple endpoints for the same region? Is there a reason you are trying to do this. There are other options for doing this, create another PHZ and another record under that, so you can use another domain for this endpoint.

Hi Shubha,

We have different VPC's for each environment we have e.g. pre, beta, staging, and production. So I had to create multiple private link endpoints for each of these vpc to connect with es. Yes they are all in the same region (ap-southeast-2). So In this case, I can only create one PHZ e.g. Any advice how I can create or add my other vpc endpoints with my PVH?

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