Good afternoon,

I have log with : and - for separate information.
I want to select information between : and -

I try with ruby

ruby {
code => "event.set('source', event.get('origine').split(':')[1])";
event.set('INFO', event.get('origine').split('\W+/')[1]);

and I try with a script field

def test0 = /^.*.(-?+)$/.matcher(doc['source'].value);

if ( test0.matches() ) {
} else {
return "no"

But nothing is good.

Thank's for your help.

Could you give an example for the value of origine and the text you'd like to extract from it?

I think a grok with a pattern like %{GREEDYDATA:firstpart}:%{GREEDYDATA:secondpart}-%{GREEDYDATA:thirdpart} (But ideally more specific patterns than GREEDYDATA) should do it.


And what should the event fields extracted from that look like?

I would like extract TOTO

:\s?(?<yourinfo>[^-]*[^\s])\s?- would work.

on regex ruby or with grok ?

That should actually work for both as it's just normal regular expression, I guess.

Sorry but I try

ruby {
code => "event.set('source', event.get('origine').split(':')[1])";
event.set('INFO', event.get('origine').split(':\s?[^-]*[^\s])\s?-);

And I search when use
mutate filter
script field

Thank's for your help

It 's possible a solution with

ruby {
code => "
info = event.get['origine'].split(':')
['source'] = info[1]
info.each_index { |i| event[i.to_s] = info[i]
country = info[1].split('-')
event.set['Country'] = country[0]

ruby {
code => "
info = event.get('origine').split(':')[1]
event.set('source', info)
country = event(info).split('-')[0]
event.set('Country', country)

I have an issue for split a second time

I try a regex ruby \W for all metacharacter.

but when I try
ruby {
code => "
info = event.get('origine').split(':')[1]
event.set('source', info)
country = event.get('origine').split('\W')[1]
event.set('Countrysorigne', coutry)

I have no error and I have same message origine and Coutryorigine

How I use :\s?(?[^-]*[^\s])\s?-

I try


But I have an issue :
"Could not execute action: LogStash::PipelineAction::Create/pipeline_id:main, action_result: false", :backtrace=>nil}

If you are referring to my regex: That wasn't meant to be used as a separator for a split, but as an expression for grok or a ruby match function to directly extract TOTO into a field called yourinfo.
(And the code you posted is missing one ' as well was the // around the regex. That's probably why it is not only not working, but throwing an error.)

Solution is similar to ?

country = match(//:\s?(?[^-]*[^\s])\s?-)//)

It's possible to send me an example for use a a param for write result.

Thank you


if result = event.get("origine").match(/:\s?(?<yourinfo>[^-]*[^\s])\s?-/)
    event.set("thatswhatyouwantedtoextract", result[:yourinfo])


grok {
    match => { "message" => ":\s?(?<thatswhatyouwantedtoextract>[^-]*[^\s])\s?-" }

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