Hi all,

We are using Elasticsearch for our e-commerce platform, we are indexing products only.

We have multiple shops under our platform, each shop is using different catalogue (produtcs). Currently we are investigating the best possibilities on how to index products for our multiple tenants.

Is it a good idea to have single Elasticsearch instance and create indices for each tenant (product_#customer_id#)? Or there is a better approach?

What tools do you use to ingest the data?

This will depend on how many tenants you will need to support. Having large number of very small indices is very inefficient.

Number of tenants is 150+, indices are not small, from 30k up to 1m+ documents for each tenant.

We use GCP Dataflow to ingest data into Elasticsearch.

A few hundred indices in fine but it will likely scale badly if you get up to thousands of tenants.

Thank you.

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