Multiword search term with contiguos character matching

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I am trying to write a query in ElasticSearch which matches contiguous characters in the words. So, if my index has "John Doe", I should still see "John Doe" returned by Elasticsearch for the below searches.

1.john doe
2.john do
3.ohn do
5.n doe

I have an ngram analyzer on my data with a mingram:2 and maxgram:10.
I have tried the below query so far. Is ngram the way to go here or am I missing something. Please note that searching "jo oe" should NOT return "John Doe" result.

"query": {
"multi_match": {
"query": "term",
"operator": "AND",
"type": "phrase_prefix",
"max_expansions": 50,
"fields": [

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This is what worked for me. Instead of an ngram, index your data as keyword. And use wildcard regex match to match the words.

"query": {
"bool": {
"should": [
"wildcard": { "Field1": "" + term + "" }
"wildcard": { "Field2": "" + term + "" }
"minimum_should_match": 1


Very interesting use case!
Did you face any performance issues?
For example: the search "ohn do" as you need to start the search with a wildcard character "*ohn do*".

If your documents have "John Doe", maybe it would be better to use regexp query instead of wildcard.
As you said, wildcard is used on "not analyzed" fields.

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