Must and should query together


I'm trying to get a query to do a must on some fields and then a should on two more fields, but the should matches even if none of the conditions really match.
What I'd like to have is something like:
field: text AND field1:text AND field2: text AND (field3: text OR field4: text)
So at least one of the ORs should be present in the document for the query to match.

The query is:

  "query": {
          "match": {"timestamp": "2016-08-15"}
          "match": {"sbu.raw": "F&R"}
      "should": [
          "exists": { "field": "warranty_vendor.raw" }
          "exists": { "field": "maint_vendor.raw" }

How can I change that should to make it act as I want it to?


I got it.
Had to it this to the query:
"minimum_should_match" : 1

So it would match at least one of the should queries.