Must I roll a specific plugin version for each {release} x {java} AND let users specify it upon installation?

Hi all,

I've written a plugin for elasticsearch ( I can now install the plugin using:

bin/plugin install amcat/hitcount

In order for this to work, the elasticsearch and java version you're running should be equal to the version specified in In all other cases, users should specificy the version explicitely:

bin/plugin install amcat/hitcount/2.3.4

In order for this to work however, I need to create a release for every elasticsearch version AND java version. My questions are:

  • Is it possible to, just like the internal plugins, omit the version number and let elastic pick the correct version automatically?
  • Is it possible to specify multiple versions in, especially for the Java version?

Check is done for elasticsearch version. I don't think we check the exact version for the JVM.

So you have to release your plugin anytime you want to be able to use it with a new elasticsearch version.
You can't specify multiple values.