Mutate --> convert doesn't work

Hi Team,

I'm trying to change a field data type from string to integer but it doesn't work.
see below example:

In the above example, neededFieldinInt and number_of_documents I need in integer and below is the code which I've used to achieve

can anyone please help me with this.

This won't change the mapping of an existing index (You can't change the mapping of an existing index). When a new index is created (rollover, by date) it might, provided no conflicting mapping is defined in a template and the first occurrence of the field arrives as integer.ff

Then the Kibana index pattern will need to be updated and if your name* matches both old and new indices, you will have a mapping conflict in Kibana.

Hi Len,

The fields number_of_documents and neededFieldinInt are parsed from a message field which means these are newly added fields.

Hey Len Rugen,

It worked on changing the field name someone has defined same field with string field.


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