My elastic search got into red state, Whenever requests has been increased, Elastic search status is changed to red, How can i fix this issue ? , This issue is happening on production server

(Prudhvi Matsa) #1

Could you please any one help, We are in need of your help.

(David Pilato) #2

What are the logs saying? What is your configuration? How many docs, RAM, indices, shards...?

Well. Impossible to help without any knowledge about your platform/logs.

(Prudhvi Matsa) #3

(Prudhvi Matsa) #4

This is what actually my elastic search config info, Please let us know if this info is not enough to judge. Actually i have reduced the burden thats why it is in yellow state.

(David Pilato) #5

Probably 90 shards on 2 nodes is not needed here?
Not sure what is intended here but for your current dataset I'd use:

  • one shard per index instead of 5 (default)
  • 3 nodes with minimum master nodes set to 2

Can't help more.

(Prudhvi Matsa) #6

Thank you so much.

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