mySql binlog

(Erno Vuori) #1

Hey there, new here so I try to behave and keep this short

Looking if it is possible to parse and ship mySql binlog with Filebeat?
Im currently using solution built using python-mysql-replication module
reading only INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE events and getting nice
before_update/after_update change history with it. Works good but i
need simplified solution since I am simple guy and I am already using filebeat
elsewhere so...


(ruflin) #2

What is the format of the mysql binlog? Based on the name it sounds pretty binary and not line based. So far filebeat is focused on line based files.

(Erno Vuori) #3

Yeah it's a binary and understand filebeat focus on line based stuff now after digging more.

(ruflin) #4

There is unifiedbeat which reads from a binary file but it's a community beat:

(system) #5

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