Mystery field added to an index in Kibana


(LS: 2.1.1, ES: 2.1.1, KB: 4.3.1)
in the index setting page that shows all fields of an index there is a new mystery field called "column11".

In the Discover page, this field is included under the "Hide Missing Fields".
It has no content.

Checking Elasticsearch template and data for the index does not show this field.

Logstash sends only fields that are included in the mapping template.

How can I debug to remove it?


That sounds like the name the Logstash CSV filter would automatically create for a column for which a name has not been provided. If this is what is happening in your case, you can disable this automatic creation through the 'autogenerate_column_names' parameter.

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Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist
Thank you.
It worked.