Nagios event/log to Logstash

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Is it possible to send the Nagios event/log (not local log) to logstash for index and store to elasticsearch?
I found some plugin but I am not sure are they work.
I found the followings:

Thanks for your answer.

(Jeremy Page) #2

Not sure what you mean by the event log? Logstash's grok parse filters have some nagios filers built in, you should be able to parse your nagios.log file just by using the defualt file input, although there is a lot of customization you can do on top of that.

The outputs are to send TO Nagios (or NSCA), for instance if you want to make a specific log entry trigger an alert.

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Thanks for prompt reply.

Yes, I found the nagios.log file.
Is this plugin?
It seems to understand easily!

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