[NAGIOS] Nagios integration

Hi there,

I need to send alert to a Nagios XI server in a Logatsh pipeline, in particular when a field of my document take a specific value I want to send a notification to Nagios server, that is not in the same machine of my Logstash instance. I've seen that for this purpose there is an output plugin named "nagios_nsca", but the documentation is not very clear when explains if I have to install on the Logstash machine. I hope it is clear.

Thank you.

In order to include a plugin in your pipeline configuration, that plugin needs to be installed on the Logstash host. Logstash ships by default with a number of plugins, but I don't believe that logstash-output-nagios_nsca is one of them.

Documentation for working with plugins is available here:

Documentation for the NagiosNSCA Output Plugin, including the options you can set in your pipeline configuration is available here:

Thank you for the answer. I've seen this docs, but I can't use the nagios plugin because my nagios server is on a different machine of Logstash. So I have to use nagios_nsca but I didn't understand if I have to install a kind of client.

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