Logstash to make plugin or not to make plugin for nagios

So I am debating the idea of making a Nagios plugin but I am not sure what kind I should make

I am wondering how far I should take it,

  • I think it would be really cool if I re-wrote the nagios "scheduler" and was able to parse the nagios config directly

  • Just make a clone of logstash-input-exec and customize with Timeouts, return codes, etc

  • Just make a codec to parse the EXEC return data as Nagios can get quirky

  • Make a filter instead of a codec - which is where the Thresholds would reside

  • Or figure out the integrate with the Nagios Broker protocol

Any Suggestions on the topic?

Hi Ed,
can you provide me with a good reliable example to logstash.conf which used the nagios plug in for output in logstash release 2.3.1.
For some reason my logstash conf is throwing me and error, and i have tried using host=>, nagios_host =>
which all error out not sure why.

input {

file {

path => "/opt/app/logstash/apache-test.log"


=> "beginning"



output {

nagios {

nagios_host =>


nagios_service =>



#elasticsearch { }

stdout { codec => rubydebug }