Naming filebeat logs

I think I was trying something ambitious. Creating separate logs

logging.level: info
logging.to_files: true
    - name: test1
        fields.log_source: "test1"
    - name: test2
        fields.log_source: "test2"
    - name: test3
        fields.log_source: "test3"        
 keepfiles: 7
 permissions: 0644

Is it possible? No big deal if it is not.

Hi @pk.241011,

This is not possible as of today. Could you tell us a little big more about your use case? Something you could do is running different instances of Filebeat

Filebeat is running as a service on the Windows machine. I am using the filebeat.config.inputs to load yml's from multiple folders, one for each system generating logs. It would be nice if I could dump the logs in different files, one for each of the system I am collecting the logs from. Makes it easy to look for errors.

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