Native Auth fails on master only node

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Hello all,
I started to break out my nodes to different types and am kind of confused. I created a master/coordinator only done via:

  master: True
  data: False
  ingest: False
  ml: False

But my log just keeps spewing things like:

[2018-06-01T20:16:02,471][WARN ][o.e.x.s.a.AuthenticationService] [i-007KSJHD)SN] Authentication to realm native failed - Password authentication failed for filebeat

I also realized that this node has no security index. Is this because it has data: False? How am I supposed to set this up so that M/C type nodes are the first point of contact using native security?

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Do I have to create a file based auth realm for these to work? Or is there a way to get the security index on all nodes that I'm missing?

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My bad, this actually just drew my attention to some rogue agents. Not an ES issue at all.

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